Ever feel antsy? Like you can’t stand still even for a couple seconds? As though you’d consumed about 10 Red Bulls too many?

Enter Atlanta Braves relief pitcher John Gant, who mesmerized those who watched the Nationals’ 3-1 win at Turner Field Wednesday night with his shaky leg, jittery motion and near full stop in the middle of his delivery.

Rarely is it possible to watch a baseball game in this day and age and see something you’ve never seen before. Except for on Wednesday night in Atlanta. Naturally, folks stood at attention on the Internet and chimed in with some both regularity and curiosity in regard to this native of Savannah pitching for his hometown team.

If those in the batter’s box can get used to the almost constant movement, then hold up on that pause after it looks like Gant has come to the set, they may find some success against the rookie with the funky delivery. And the rest of us will continue to try to figure out exactly what it is we’re watching.