If Jordan Spieth’s implosion at the 12th hole at Augusta Sunday was hard to watch, what he went through immediately after the Masters ended was at least as painful to witness. Having thrown away a sizable lead Sunday and a chance to defend his title, Spieth had to trudge to Butler Cabin and place the coveted Green Jacket on the new champion, Danny Willett, and then do it again outside the clubhouse.

Understandably, Spieth didn’t look particularly pleased about all that, but it is one of the Masters’ many traditions, and he dutifully carried it out. But an interesting thing happened while that was going on: interested observers on the Internet began invoking the name of Cam Newton.

In fact, as seen in the image to the left, “Cam Newton” was trending on Twitter shortly after the Masters ended. But, with the NFL season long over, what did the Panthers’ quarterback have to do with any of this?

Well, it seems that many folks saw fit to contrast Spieth’s behavior after his devastating loss to that of Newton’s after the Super Bowl. And let’s just say that, much like his battle against Denver, it didn’t go well for the Carolina star.

You may recall that, in the aftermath of the Panthers’ 24-10 loss in the NFL’s championship game on Feb. 7, Newton was lambasted for his sullen demeanor during his post-game press session, which he ended early by abruptly leaving the podium. By contrast, Spieth was lauded in some parts for his composure in accomplishing an emotionally difficult task.

Just in case the point needs reinforcing, @PFTCommenter, the master of the intentionally hot take, compiled many more scalding tweets.

On the other hand, some noted that Spieth had his own testy moment while he was walking to Butler Cabin. A TV camera got too close for his liking, and the golfer — politely — asked that it be “just not in the face.”

Others noted that Spieth failed to congratulate Willett when presenting the winner with the Green Jacket. And some pointed out that, no matter one’s interpretation of Spieth’s behavior, it was ridiculous to revive the Newton-Super Bowl talk.

The biggest takeaway from the online discussion Sunday was likely the reaffirmation of the power of the Super Bowl to make an impression on people. Unfortunately for Newton, it was a bad impression, but he can possibly take some satisfaction in realizing that the ongoing criticism is a reflection of what a huge star he has become.