We don’t cover the Irish Universities Athletics Association championships much here at the Early Lead, but that is all going to change after Sunday’s 4×400-meter women’s relay final.

The video here picks up with the final handoff. Keep tabs on the runner in red, third from the left at the handoff, who seemingly has an insurmountable deficit to make up. I mean, she isn’t even in the frame for much of this video. Also, make sure you have your volume cranked up to hear what has to be one of the greatest calls of all time.

The runner who came back “from the depths of hell” is Phil Healy of University College Cork, who had just enough left to surge past the dead-on-their-feet leaders and face-plant her way across the finish line in first place, all while the announcers were losing their minds.

Healy was back at training on Tuesday, because you don’t escape the depths of hell without lots of practice.