President Obama has wrapped on eight years and eight speeches at the White House correspondents' dinner. From jabs at Donald Trump to what he'll do after his presidency, here are the highlights from his last one. (Nicki DeMarco/The Washington Post)

President Obama attended his eighth and final White House correspondents’ dinner Saturday — at least as a White House resident — and he did nothing to stain his reputation as one of the more comedically adroit recent commanders in chief. Obama also reminded everyone that he is a big basketball fan, ending his joke-filled comments by saying “Obama out” and dropping the microphone.

That was a reference to Kobe Bryant’s comments to the Staples Center crowd after his remarkable 60-point outing in his final NBA performance. The legendary Laker who gave himself the nickname “Black Mamba” finished his address with,”What can I say — Mamba out.”

So it was no surprise that the approval ratings for Obama’s homage skewed very high, indeed, at least as far as Bryant himself was concerned.

Now it just remains to be seen if the president continues to make like Bryant and immediately start marketing his own line of “Obama out” shirts.