From presidential candidates to news outlets to famous attendees, everybody and everything is fair game at the annual White House correspondents’ dinner. This year, host Larry Wilmore took a dig at the similarities between reigning NBA MVP Steph Curry and Obama’s, umm, foreign policy.


Maybe Wilmore, a former Daily Show correspondent who now hosts his own Comedy Central late show, was just talking about the president’s love of basketball. But more likely, he was talking about his increasing use of drone strikes to combat terrorism abroad. That’s probably the case given the groans elicited from the audience in response. (Way to keep the subject matter light, Larry.)

The president appeared to laugh it off, and why shouldn’t he have. This is all part of his version of sports’ now-popular farewell tour, and he had already gotten in plenty of shots himself, including a well-landing joke on Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who Obama ribbed over his “basketball ring” comments made while speaking at a rally in Indiana this month.

And of course, after finishing his speech, Obama channeled his inner Kobe and put his own spin on “Mamba out.”

Well done, Mr. President.