Take that, Internet trolls.

On Monday night’s episode of “Full Frontal,” Samantha Bee eviscerated the folks who bombarded the women of the Seattle City Council with misogynist tweets and emails last week after the councilwomen dared to vote against the development of a half-billion dollar arena that would have been part of an effort to bring the NBA back to Seattle. The region still mourns the loss of the SuperSonics in 2008. In a vote that broke along gender lines, the measure failed by a 5-4 count and, boy, did the women hear about it.

They were subjected to all sorts of verbal abuse.

From The Post’s story on the fallout:

“Get back in the kitchen,” Debora Juarez was instructed in one such message, which labeled her a derogatory term for a female body part and included, “Get on your knees.”
A Washington attorney sent a particularly harsh email to each of the female councilmembers — an email that was then picked up by multiple news outlets.
“I can only hope that you each find ways to quickly and painfully end yourselves. Each of you should rot in hell for what you took from me yesterday,” wrote Jason M. Feldman, who also made an “on your knees” reference. “Please don’t misunderstand me. I TRULY pray for nothing but horrible things for each of you moving forward. You have made this world a worse place by whoring yourselves out to the highest bidder. Please Please Please do the honorable thing and end yourselves. Each of you are disgraceful pieces of trash that deserve nothing but horrible outcomes.”
Feldman signed the letter, “Warm Regards.”

That kind of backlash was enough for Bee, who went breathtakingly nuclear (the full video, with some adult content we can’t post, can be seen here), saying, “Ports before sports.” She went on to introduce the councilwomen, starting lineups-style: Lorena “The Gavel” Gonzalez, Debora “Slam Dunk” Juarez, Lisa “Lay Up” Herbold, Kshama “The Socialist Slasher” Sawant and “Supersonic” Sally Bagshaw — and, yes, she dubbed the “team” the Seattle Seawards. (Think about it.)

“What? It means toward the sea. Seattle is a port city. Oh, my God, what is wrong with you people? Go Seawards!”