Catchy. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Don’t look now, but this naming-your-kid-after-a-certain-sports-network thing is catching on.

A Virginia couple settled on the name Espn (say it, don’t spell it) for their newborn son.

“I jokingly asked my wife what she thought about the name Espn,” David McLain, their papa, told Charlottesville’s WCAV. “She said she really liked it. When I told her I was just kidding and that I was just saying ESPN as a single word, she said she still really liked it.”

And, just like that, Planet Earth has another child named Espn. It isn’t clear just how many there are, but several have been chronicled over the last decade. One, born in Southeast Missouri in 2011, originally was destined for life as Reed Espn, “but,” his parents told the Sikeston Standard-Democrat, “when he was born, he looked more like an Espn.”

In 2004, Rebecca and Michael McCall told the Associated Press that the idea of naming their newborn son Espn also started as a joke after they heard a story on the radio about a baby being named “Espen.”

“He looked at me and said, ‘That’s a cool name,'” Rebecca McCall said then (via ESPN).

Why not? Sarah Palin was inspired by ESPN’s hometown to name her daughter Bristol.

The newest (we believe) member of the Espn club has a twin sister, but the McLains went with the more traditional “Taylor” for her. Both babies are spending time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the University of Virginia Hospital.

“They were almost born on May 4, which is Star Wars Day,” Mom Melissa said, “so their middle names are Luke and Leia, because boy and girl twins you have to do that.”

According to, Espn is on 93 baby name lists and its meaning is “Television Sports Network.” (Well, yeah.) People who like the name, it says, also like Elijah, Asher, Liam Landon, Braxton, Gabriel and Chase for boys; Grace, Ella, Isabella, Carissa, Iris, Katia and Eleanor for girls.

Say this for Espn: it’s a better name than Google or Pilot Inspektor. And who knows? Maybe one of these Espns will turn out to be a worldwide leader.

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