In an interview broadcast Wednesday, very fast person Usain Bolt told the “Today” show that he isn’t too worried about the Zika virus when he gets to Rio for this year’s Olympics.

“Hopefully, by the time I get there, they’ll have it under control,” he told NBC’s Peter Alexander. “I’m sure they’ll put things in place to sort it out. So I’m not really stressed right now.”

And why isn’t he all that worried?

“Because I’m fast,” said Bolt, the two-time defending Olympic gold medalist in both the 100 and 200 meters. “They can’t catch me.”

Alexander framed that last question — “Why are the mosquitoes intimidated by Usain Bolt?” — by saying that Bolt’s teammates had told him that the mosquitoes usually stay away from him, so he kind of lobbed it right into Bolt’s sweet spot. Nevertheless, people were mad on Twitter.

Yes, Zika is a serious matter that could have a profound negative effect on the Rio Games, but it’s not like Bolt was expressing disregard for anyone who actually has contracted the Zika virus. He’s just a fast, brash man saying he’s a fast, brash man. Sheesh.