Rougned Odor is perhaps the biggest hero in Texas since Davy Crockett. (Richard W. Rodriguez/Star-Telegram via AP)

There probably were a number of Texas Rangers fans who wanted to punch the Toronto Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista after his bat flip in a playoff game last year. Rougned Odor beat them all to it Sunday, socking Bautista after a hard slide and earning an eight-game MLB suspension in the process.

And now one Fort Worth purveyor of barbecue is paying Odor back in kind, offering him free food for the rest of his life.

“We just thought it would be a funny thing if we [gave] Rougie free food because he wasn’t the only one who wanted to punch Bautista after last year, so you know, it’s kind of a justice, a little bit,” Travis Heim, owner of the soon-to-open Heim Barbecue, told NBC 5 in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Heim also is selling T-shirts celebrating the free food that’s coming Odor’s way. (The scribbled-out words are naughty in The Post’s view; use your imagination.)

“We originally were going to print 40,” Heim said. “I think now we’re up to close to 200.”

No word on whether Odor will take Heim up on his free-BBQ offer.

“Hopefully he doesn’t like barbecue too much because then we might be in the red,” Heim said. “It’s just a fun deal, you know.”