Shortly after Cleveland took down Toronto, 108-89, in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals, the player accused of pulling the strings for the Cavaliers all year long wanted to recognize the coach with the new postseason record.

“Everybody get a bottle of water off the table,” LeBron James said.

After Tyronn Lue entered the room Thursday night and spoke to his players, they surprised him with a squeeze bottle shower to commemorate his place as the first NBA coach to start his postseason career 10-0.

After a regular season filled with drama, Cleveland is hitting its stride and looking unstoppable in the Eastern Conference without Golden State and Oklahoma City (or San Antonio for that matter) to contend with. Lue has drawn praise for taking the locker room back from James and fostering team chemistry between the four-time MVP, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. By tinkering with lineups and improving Cleveland’s spacing, Lue has gotten more out of Love and made the Cavaliers more potent on the perimeter.

The results speak for themselves. Lue has started his postseason career 10-0, breaking a 34-year-old record held by Hall of Fame coach Pat Riley, who led the Los Angeles Lakers to a championship in 1982.

Riley compiled 171 postseason victories in 22 seasons as a head coach, second in NBA history behind Phil Jackson, and won three more title with Los Angeles before adding a fifth with Miami in 2006. As president of the Heat, Riley oversaw two more titles with the Big Three of James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

John Kundla led the Lakers to a 7-0 postseason start during his first season as a coach in the Basketball Association of American. The Lakers won the 1949 title and went on to win four NBA crowns in the next five years.

Lue told the Associated Press he’s still losing sleep thinking about how to prepare for the Raptors. But James said the man who replaced David Blatt has given his players faith.

“He’s always preaching next play, just always next play,” James told AP . “We come to a timeout, no matter what’s going on in the game, he just continues to breed confidence and talk confidence to us, the unit that’s on the floor, the unit that’s off the floor. Just a sense of calmness.

“There are a lot of things going on in between the game, and when you come to a timeout or whatever, before the game or at halftime, there’s just a sense of calmness. T-Lue has been great for us as the captain of this ship.”