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Aqib Talib reportedly told confidants he accidentally shot himself

Aqib Talib has played for the Buccaneers and Patriots in addition to the Broncos. (EPA/Larry W. Smith)

From the start of the Aqib Talib shooting story, in which the Denver Broncos cornerback suffered a gunshot wound to the leg that may have occurred at a Dallas strip club, many were reminded of a similar incident involving then-New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress in 2008. Monday brought word that those similarities may even extend to the self-inflicted nature of the injury.

Mike Klis of KUSA in Denver reported that “Talib has told people close to him he accidentally shot himself” early Sunday. However, police are still investigating the incident, and no one has been arrested or charged.

Talib, who missed the Super Bowl-winning Broncos’ visit to the White House on Monday, was shot in the right leg. Rebecca Lopez of WFAA in Dallas reported that the bullet entered through the rear of the 30-year-old’s right thigh and exited through his right calf.

Lopez also reported that Talib told Dallas police that he was at a park when the shooting occurred and that he does not recall the details. “Everything was a blur and I was too intoxicated to remember what happened,” Talib is reported to have said to authorities.

Talib, a Texas native, was released from a Dallas hospital on Monday, and the Broncos described his injury as not serious. The three-time Pro Bowler will miss the rest of the team’s offseason practices, however.

Two other men were also shot at or near the club by an as-yet unidentified assailant, and they reportedly suffered non-life-threatening injuries. TMZ Sports posted a video purporting to be filmed outside the strip club in which four shots can be heard; police continue to look into the possibility that Talib was wounded there and not at the park.

This is hardly the first time that Talib has been allegedly involved in a violent off-field incident. In 2011, he faced charges in Texas of assault with a deadly weapon, after being accused of grabbing a gun from his mother and firing shots at his sister’s boyfriend, but the case was dropped because prosecutors felt that the boyfriend, who had been jailed as a repeat sex offender, would not be a credible witness.

Charges against Talib in 2015 were also dropped following allegations of aggravated assault by the player and his brother at a Dallas nightclub. In addition to the police, the Broncos are investigating Sunday’s incident.