Snoop Dogg was in San Diego to help the Padres celebrate “Way Back Wednesday.” The team wore vintage 1990s uniforms and Mark-Paul Gosselaar, better known as Zack Morris from “Saved by the Bell,” introduced the Padres’ lineups. Snoop Dogg, who was performing a postgame DJ set as DJ Snoopadelic, was also on hand to throw out the first pitch. It didn’t go well.


Snoop Dogg’s pitch Wednesday falls into bad territory, but it’s not the worst. That crown belongs to 50 Cent, whose errant throw at Citi Field in 2014 was so memorable Topps made a baseball card commemorating the moment.

There’s evidence — beyond the eye test — to support the claim, too. Here’s an unscientific study conducted by Wonkblog in 2014 that shows just how bad 50 cent’s attempt was in comparison to other celebrities and the like, who have been tapped for the ceremonial throw.

Some of the worst first pitches as documented by Wonkblog include Barack Obama’s 2010 offering at Nationals Park, Carly Rae Jepsen’s disastrous 2013 delivery and Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory’s out of control throw in 2013.

Snoop’s 2012 heavy sinker in Chicago fared much better in terms of approaching the strike zone but his 2015 first pitch in Toronto to Jose Bautista more closely represented what he brought to the mound today.

Going .333 in baseball isn’t terrible , right?