The Cleveland Cavaliers walk off the plane after winning the NBA Finals. And J.R. Smith still doesn’t have his shirt on. (ESPN)

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. And apparently that rings true for J.R. Smith’s shirt.

After the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors in Game 7 of the NBA Finals to win their franchise’s first title, the team departed Oakland, Calif. for Las Vegas.

How should a 30-year-old celebrate his first NBA championship? By losing his shirt.

I mean, dance floors can get hot and sweaty, so it’s fine.

Several hours later, LeBron James and Co. got off the team’s plane in Cleveland. And Smith remained shirtless.

Smith’s shirtless escapades continued in the parking lot.

Will he ever wear a shirt again? Does he even own another shirt? The world may never know.