Say one thing for the “First Take” pundits, they are impressively consistent, at least when it comes to their NBA opinions.

No matter what LeBron James does — up to and including leading an unprecedented comeback to topple the defending NBA champions — Skip Bayless will find a way to throw shade at him. Meanwhile, Stephen A. Smith is working on quite a streak of getting his Finals prediction wrong.

For the sixth straight year, Smith, whose area of expertise is (theoretically) basketball, was incorrect about which squad would wind up hoisting the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Mind you, these were predictions made at the start of the Finals, so he had a 50/50 chance of nailing any one of them. Or he would have batted .500 over that period had he simply picked for or against whichever team had James on it.

But, no, he’s simply been wrong, over and over again. And when you’re Stephen A. Smith, you’re not just wrong — you’re loud wrong, and an enterprising YouTube user put together a video which proves it.

What is perhaps most remarkable about Smith’s streak is that, on two occasions, he got both ends of a rematch wrong. He botched the Heat-Spurs battles in 2013 and 2014, and he just went back-to-back in his own right by doing the same for Cavs-Warriors.

It’s been a tough stretch of hoops prognostication for Smith, who also had North Carolina defeating Villanova for the NCAA title in April (albeit with plenty of hedging). In fairness, the Tar Heels did come agonizingly close to bailing him out — as did the Warriors — but alas, no cigar.

This is what some people call “actionable intel.” Just wait until next year’s NBA Finals roll around and Smith makes his call — then rush to the nearest sports book and place a wager on the other team.

(H/T The Score)