We knew it was going to happen already, but now it’s official. LSU’s Ben Simmons went first overall in tonight’s NBA draft to the Phialdelphia 76ers. The versatile Australian product will be counted on to kick the Sixers’ eons-long rebuilding process into another gear as the franchise looks to start competing in the league as opposed to being its biggest punchline.

Simmons looked ready to get out on the floor right away while entering the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn before the draft. He didn’t have a basketball to handle but, man, can he cross it over.

That cameraman had no chance. Simmons got him backpedaling right away and barely had to up fake or appear to be cutting to shake the guy right out of his shoes. Considering that Simmons’s handle is expected to be one of his two strongest attributes alongside his passing ability, when he has an actual basketball in hand is wearing his first pair of custom Nikes while facing down an opposing wing defender, we can expect to see more of the same.