Iceland’s 2-1 victory over England in the Euro 2016 second round was an upset in the same manner of a No. 11 seed’s victory over a No. 6 in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Which is to say, it wasn’t.

But don’t tell that to Gudmundur Benediktsson. The Icelandic commentator, who shrieked his way into our hearts last week with his call of Arnor Ingvi Traustason’s game-winner over Austria, was back at it again Monday.

The high-pitched call (in Icelandic) translated to “You can leave Europe! You can go wherever the hell you want,” according to Gissur Simonarson of Conflict News. Ouch.

Benediktsson called the final whistle as if it was his last, and we are better off for it. Hopefully Iceland’s voice of Euro 2016 has something left in the tank for Sunday’s quarterfinals against France.

Still, the result of Monday’s second round match wasn’t exactly surprising. Iceland, with its unorthodox manager duo of Lars Lagerbäck and Heimir Hallgrímsson, has been rapidly rising up the world rankings, moving from 131st in April 2012 to 34th currently. And England hasn’t exactly been a world beater.

But that didn’t stop the takes and Brexit jokes from flooding in after the match, nor did it slow following the subsequent resignation of England manager Roy Hodgson.

Finally, we’ll ‘Brexit’ with this take from the always level-headed Piers Morgan.