Ever since around noon Monday, the Internet has been aflame with talk of Kevin Durant’s announcement that he would leave the Thunder and join the Warriors. On Tuesday, veteran sportswriter Rick Reilly decided to offer his two cents, in his customary, jokey way.

Let’s just say that the tweet was not well received, not least by some other well-known names in the world of sports journalism. Here is just a sampling of the reaction:

This reaction, from Holly Anderson, a former sports writer who now covers politics for MTV, took things to an even more vitriolic level.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before Crying Jordan showed up.

Reilly has long been perceived by many on the Internet as a hack, a past-his-prime relic of a journalistic age when his brand of humor was relished for no comprehensible reason. There may have been a fair amount of piling-on in the online reaction to his tweet Tuesday, but the message was clear: Reilly should consider working a little harder on his material.