A hashtag campaign launched by Barcelona on Saturday to support Lionel Messi after his tax fraud conviction has already gone terribly wrong.


“[T]he campaign is encouraging all Barça fans to express their sympathy for the greatest footballer in the world by voicing their unconditional support on social networks,” the club said. “By making it clear that #WeAreAllMessi, we want Leo to know that he is not alone.”

The problem, much of the Internet says, is that, save for Messi’s teammate Javier Mascherano, who was also convicted of tax fraud, Messi kind of is alone.

At least the hashtag inspired a few jokes, though.

But, yeah…this too.

This really isn’t Messi’s summer. Along with the hashtag disaster and his tax fraud situation, Messi retired from Argentina’s national team after failing for the second year in a row to beat Chile for the Copa America title.