Isaiah Crowell went to some lengths to say he was sorry for posting an image of a policeman getting his throat cut, but even his team, the Cleveland Browns, said that “just an apology is insufficient.” So it should come as no surprise that the head of Cleveland’s police union feels that the running back needs to do much more to make amends.

In fact, if Crowell does not travel to Dallas to apologize in person to the families of officers killed last week during a protest of recent police shootings, and to “write them a check,” the law enforcement official threatens to “pull” his men from providing security at Browns games this fall. So said Stephen Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, in comments Tuesday to TMZ Sports.

Loomis told the website that the image Crowell posted was as “offensive as putting a picture of historical African-American men being hung from a tree in the ’60’s.” Crowell shared the drawing via social media on Wednesday, after two black men were killed in separate shootings by policemen but a day before a sniper killed five officers in Dallas.

“Last week was an emotional and difficult week as we saw extreme acts of violence against black men across our country as well as against police officers in Dallas,” Crowell said Monday in a statement released by the Browns. “I posted an image to Instagram in the midst of that emotion that I shouldn’t have and immediately removed it. It was an extremely poor decision and I apologize for that mistake and for offending people. My values and beliefs do not match that image.”

That wasn’t good enough for Loomis, who described the third-year player’s words as a “store-bought apology.” The union chief said, “He needs to go to Dallas, help the families who lost their loved ones last week, write them a check, look them in the eyes and give a heartfelt apology.”

Loomis added, “I will pull Cleveland officers, sheriffs, state troopers out of FirstEnergy Stadium this season if [Crowell] doesn’t make it right.” The stadium, home to the Browns since they returned to the NFL in 1999, has had that name since 2013.

“We have spoken to Isaiah regarding his extremely disturbing and unacceptable social media decision,” the Browns said in a statement Monday. “It was completely inappropriate and we have made him aware of our high level of disappointment. Isaiah has apologized but also knows that just an apology is insufficient and that he must take steps to make a positive difference after a very negative and impactful post.”

The Browns are reportedly not yet inclined to do as some are urging and release Crowell, who led the team in rushing last season, but the social media post appears to have the 23-year-old player on thin ice. At the same time, others have noted that Loomis not only refused last year to issue an apology when Cleveland police officers shot and killed a black child, Tamir Rice, but he suggested that the 12-year-old’s “menacing” appearance was to blame.

“You’re a grown-a– man, and you claim you were too emotional to know it was wrong?” Loomis said of Crowell to TMZ Sports. “Think we’ll accept your apology? Kiss my a–.”