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Try as they might, saboteurs can’t extinguish the Olympic torch

Comin’ in hot. (AFP/Getty Images photo/Rio 2016/Andre Mourao)

The Olympic torch is on the final leg of its journey in Brazil, winding its way toward Rio and the Opening Ceremonies on Aug. 5. The flame is burning strong, as evidenced by this sabotage fail in southern Brazil on Wednesday night.

The torch has had quite a journey this year:

And it’s not the first time someone in Brazil has tried to extinguish the flame, which is specially designed to withstand wind, rain, etc. But if a fire extinguisher doesn’t work, then I’m guessing a very small bucket of water won’t, either.

Someone tried the same type of thing ahead of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Didn’t work then, either.

But seriously, don’t mess with the Olympic torch (this one’s from four years ago ahead of the London Games):