Remember Bubba Watson’s hovercraft? It was pretty cool, and darned convenient if you hit a ball to the other side of a large body of water, but there was something frustratingly earthbound about it.

That thorny problem has been solved in the PGA Tour star’s newest toy: a jetpack. Never mind worrying about a 90-degree rule on any course, Watson won’t even have to sweat the laws of gravity with this baby.

Another benefit of the high-flying golf cart? “You’re riding by yourself, you don’t have to ride with that annoying golfer that tells you all about his score,” Watson said, in a video released Monday. “You just watched it, you don’t need to hear about it.”

The jetpack was unveiled as part of a celebration by Oakley, one of Watson’s sponsors, of golf’s return to the Olympics, in which the two-time Masters winner is competing for the United States. The contraption is capable of reaching 3,000 feet, which seems unnecessary for golf, not to mention kind of terrifying, and flying at just under 50 mph.

According to Mashable, the video was shot at Methven golf course in New Zealand, located a little more than an hour away from the town of Christchurch, where Martin Aircraft is located. That’s the company producing the jetpacks, the personal version of which it hopes will be available in 2017.

Later this year, Martin is planning on selling jetpacks designed for first responders, and it’s not hard to see how the ability to lift off and land vertically could help firemen and others get to some hard-to-reach spots. However, the company thinks its product can come in handy “whether your mission is to save human lives, solve a commercial problem or merely to avoid traffic getting to your favourite restaurant.” Customers will need to get some flight training — and have around $200,000 to spare.

Watson reportedly (and understandably) did not actually fly in the jetpack himself for the video. That was definitely him in the 2013 hovercraft video, though, as seen below.