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What would NBC’s Olympic coverage be without Brazilian models? You’ll never know.

The Olympic rings grace Madureira Park in Rio de Janeiro. (Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

The Rio Olympics next month have been notable so far for their alarming headlines about the Zika virus, security concerns, water that has been contaminated with human waste and bacteria, the discovery of dismembered bodies and updates on which famous athletes won’t be participating in the Games.

So, naturally, NBC, which pays handsomely for the right to televise the Olympics, has decided that it knows just what coverage of these Games demands: Brazilian supermodels.

Call it counter programming. NBC’s coverage is, after all, a blend of entertainment, cultural flavor and sports — sometimes in that order — and the models, who also happen to strut their stuff as Victoria’s Secret Angels, will carry the banner for two of those three things. Or so it appears.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, two representatives of the country’s contribution to the global supermodel industrial complex, will join Ryan Seacrest for late-night coverage, recapping each day’s events. Exactly what will they add to the coverage? They’ll be “ambassadors,” the network says. After all, someone has to help NBC fill 6,755 hours of coverage across all its platforms. (Paging Gisele Bundchen.)

“Adriana and Alessandra are the perfect ambassadors to guide viewers through the celebrations taking place outside of the competition, showcasing the off-the-field experience for Olympic fans,” Jim Bell, the executive producer of the Olympics, said in a statement.

In case you were wondering how far NBC has come from covering the Olympics, which after all, are a tribute to international sports competition, its website notes that Ambrosio and Lima have been models for more than 15 years and “are well-known for their work as Victoria’s Secret Angels and numerous other international brands. Ambrosio appeared in the Rio segment of the Closing [Ceremonies] at the 2012 London Olympics, and Lima is the only person to have starred in two highly watched Super Bowl commercials in the same year.”