Really, what would Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro be without Brazil’s most famous woman, who, conveniently, also happens to be the best-known of the many supermodels the country has bestowed upon the world?

Well, they’d be a dud, frankly. And if the Rio Games don’t live up to expectations, don’t blame Gisele Bundchen. Instead of hanging out with hubby Tom Brady at the New England Patriots’ training camp (like she’d do that), she will participate in the Opening Ceremonies, which have the theme of “futuristic gateway.” (Yeah, we don’t know either. She’ll dress like Judy Jetson? Women’s Wear DailyVogue and Brazil’s Extra report that she’ll strut a “futuristic” runway even though she has famously retired from that.)

Whatever. The Daily Mail predicts that it’ll be the “sexiest ever” Opening Ceremonies, which attract a global audience estimated at a billion people. Although details are closely held, the Daily Mail says the extravaganza will feature a modelpalooza of 6,000 scantily clad performers and the theme will be “the evolution of the people of Brazil,” with tributes to the rain forest, Carnival and, duh, the most beautiful specimens of the female form.

“There will be lots of nearly naked women doing the samba,” an unnamed source told the newspaper. “The costumes have been designed to show off as much flesh as possible which means as little material as they can get away with.”

Expect Gisele to strut into Maracana Stadium to the tune of “The Girl from Ipanema,” the 1962 bossa nova hit composed by Antonio Jobim, the Mail reports.

The supermodels won’t stop there. NBC has added two of the finest from the Victoria’s Secret lineup to its nightly recap shows with Ryan Seacrest.