Tre Mason is entering his third season in the NFL. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Police have been called to the home of Los Angeles Rams running back Tre Mason five times in the last four months and, according to TMZ, his family is concerned about his mental health.

The latest episode with police happened Saturday afternoon, when multiple units responded to his family home in Florida. He was not arrested, but TMZ notes that his family is concerned about what it says is a string of bizarre incidents and angry outbursts. Five times since March 28, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department has been called to his home and Mason agreed to enter a facility for help. Once, TMZ reports, an unidentified family member said Mason hadn’t slept in days and she was worried that “he will get hurt.”

Mason, a third-round draft pick out of Auburn in 2014, is the son of De La Soul member Vincent “Maseo” Mason and was excused from the Rams’ organized team activities this spring for “personal reasons.”

On March 5, he was pulled over for speeding in Hollywood, Fla., and was hit twice with a stun gun when he refused to get out of the car. He was charged with resisting arrest, reckless driving, marijuana possession and failure to register a motor vehicle. Police said they spotted Mason driving at more than twice the posted speed limit of 35 mph and he refused to give his name or identification. An officer smelled marijuana in the Porsche, and asked Mason to get out of the car.

“I warned the defendant if he did not identify himself he would be subject to arrest and he smirked as he was making eye contact,” Officer Lester Cochenour wrote in his report (via the Associated Press). According to that report, Mason then braced himself in the car, even as another officer attempted to help pull him out. “The defendant was warned several times in a composed voice to stop resisting, exit the vehicle and if he did not comply with arrest, a Taser would be used,” Cochenour wrote in the report. The stun gun was used when a third officer was unable to force Mason from the car.