I haven’t done much (translation: any) lobstering, but I’d imagine that there’s some possibility of getting pinched by one of those large claws, which sounds like it could be painful. I’d take that any day, though, over getting bitten by a shark.

Warren Sapp probably would as well, but it happened to him anyway on Wednesday. The former Buccaneers star was in the act of pulling a crustacean from waters near the Florida Keys when a shark apparently decided that he looked pretty tasty in his own right.

The result was a very nasty gash on Sapp’s left arm, near his elbow. The charter company he hired that day posted a photo of the gory aftermath to its Instagram page (warning: not for the squeamish).

Yup, I’ll take a pinch from a lobster’s claw over that, thanks. But in keeping with his former profession’s play-through-pain ethos, Sapp kept on fishing.

“He was lobstering with me and a shark bit Sapp while he was grabbing the lobster. He’s okay,” the captain of the charter boat, Jack Carlson, told the Tampa Bay Times.

“We bandaged it up, put some gauze on there, some black electrical tape and hit a couple more spots, then headed in,” Carlson said, adding that Sapp “may need stitches.”

According to the Times, a witness said that the shark was not a particularly big one, maybe four feet long, but it appeared to be going after the lobster at the same time Sapp was. “The sharks hang around those lobster holes, because they feed on the lobster as well,” Carlson noted.

Sapp’s social media posts indicated that, apart from the shark bite (paging Mrs. Lincoln), he had a very enjoyable time Wednesday. The Florida native and Pro Football Hall of Famer, who last played in 2007, is an avid fisherman.

Sapp’s post-NFL life hasn’t always been as happy as the photos above suggest, however. He was involved in bankruptcy proceedings that were revealed by former tight end Jeremy Shockey, lost a job as an NFL Network analyst after being accused of assaulting a pair of prostitutes and was charged with domestic violence for an incident involving his girlfriend last year. In addition, he got into an odd beef with Ravens defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan after the latter switched to Sapp’s jersey number in what was meant as homage.

So some might argue that Sapp had something like the shark bite coming. That’s small consolation to the lobsters — and their oh-so-tasty claws — though.