We knew that Brandon Marshall really, really wanted Ryan Fitzpatrick to re-sign with his Jets. What we didn’t know was the level of giddiness the veteran wide receiver would reach when that finally happened Wednesday.

Apparently emboldened by the return of the quarterback who helped him have a stellar 2015 season, Marshall took to Instagram to issue a challenge to Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown. The Jets star put up his Porsche against Brown’s Rolls Royce, with the winner being determined either by who has the most receiving yardage this season or by a “race for pinks.”

The latter term refers to a street race in which the loser hands over the ownership papers for his or her vehicle. That indicates that Marshall may have been watching a few too many “Fast and Furious” films lately, but at the same time, he’d likely have a better chance of defeating Brown in that competition than in a receiving-yards battle.

“He don’t really wanna do that,” Brown said of Marshall to TMZ Sports. “He just wants some PR. He’s too old to be doing that.”

Brown also noted that his Rolls was worth about $100,000 more than the Porsche, but he was not about to back down from a challenge. “If he’s really serious, CALL ME … I’ll gladly accept,” he told the website. “Don’t Internet it.”

Brown was almost certainly going to show up in style for the first day of Steelers training camp Thursday anyway, but the timing of Marshall’s challenge lent an extra dimension to the Pittsburgh star’s unveiling of a Rolls-Royce Wraith that was tricked out with a space-inspired paint job in team colors.

Not sure a member of the Jets wants to be seen driving around in that car, but then again, it would represent quite the trophy. Of course, it’s one that Marshall would be hard-pressed to win, given the player he challenged.

While Marshall was fourth in the NFL with 1,502 receiving yards last season, Brown had considerably more than that, finishing second with 1,834. Since 2013, when he came into his own, Brown has averaged 1,677 receiving yards, establishing himself as the NFL’s top performer at his position, compared to an average of 1,173 for Marshall.

In addition, for all of the Jets’ appreciation of Fitzpatrick, Brown has a clearly superior quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger. Plus, as the Steeler noted, he has age on his side, being in his prime at 28, while Marshall, at 32, is getting a bit long in the tooth for an NFL receiver.

So Marshall’s best chance to win the bet would seem to be in the street race, but surely neither player is reckless enough to actually do that, right? Let’s hope not. In the meantime, here’s another example of how delighted Marshall is to have “FitzMagic” back in his life.