Johnny Manziel said that he would begin July by swearing off booze. He may or may not have been completely sober when he recently left a West Hollywood nightclub, but he reiterated that he wants to play football again and specified his team of choice, too: the Cowboys.

Asked by a correspondent from TMZ Sports (naturally) whether he was “ever going to play again,” the ex-Browns quarterback replied, “Absolutely.” He was then asked, “What team do you want to play for, the Cowboys?” Manziel responded, “The Cowboys.”

So he could have just been playing along with the suggestion, although it would stand to reason that, as a Texas native with an obvious affinity for the limelight, Manziel might want to suit up for Dallas. For his part, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said in March that the former Heisman Trophy winner was “exciting” and “unique” but “needs to get the human elements and skills addressed.”

Manziel still seems a long way from addressing everything that has thus far kept him from even pretending to be seriously trying to resume his NFL career. If and when he does return to the league, he will start off with a four-game suspension for substance-abuse violations, but teams have plenty more than that to consider before so much as giving Manziel a tryout.

Several days ago, Manziel posted a video to Instagram in which he was seen wearing a towel around his neck and flexing a muscle, possibly indicating that he was working out. In the caption, he wrote, “I’ll be back… In time. It can’t end like this…it won’t.”

Another player recently told he had to sit for four games was a former Browns teammate, Josh Gordon, who is still friendly with Manziel. When asked by TMZ whether Cleveland should welcome Gordon back, Manziel said, “With open arms. He’s made a Pro Bowl — that guy’s the man!”

And with that, plus the Cowboys comment, Manziel left the club in a sports car. Let’s hope he really is sticking to sobriety, because he was behind the wheel of that vehicle.