Mark Cuban hit Hillary Clinton’s campaign rally Saturday in Pittsburgh. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Mark Cuban, a billionaire reality-TV show host, has changed his mind about Donald Trump, a fellow billionaire reality-TV show host who just happens to be running for president.

Has he ever.

The Dallas Mavericks owner, who earlier thought that Trump’s run for the White House was a good thing for American politics, has done a 180 and now thinks the GOP nominee is “crazy.”

“Trump scares me,” the “Shark Tank” star said (via CNN) after speaking on behalf of Clinton and Tim Kaine during their campaign stop in his home town of Pittsburgh. “Donald, initially, I really hoped he would be something different, that as a businessperson, I thought there was an opportunity there. But then he went off the reservation and went bats— crazy.”

Cuban used a slang vulgarity to describe Trump and added, “I told him directly, at some point you have to learn, at some point you have to read and that that job is all about uncertainty and if you don’t do the work, that is not good for this country. And he just doesn’t do the work.”

Cuban has described himself as “fiercely independent,” has said that he has no political affiliation and his name was floated, however briefly, during vice presidential nominee speculation. In May, he told Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” that Trump’s candidacy cleared the way for non-traditional candidates and eliminated the need for “Stepford candidates.”

On Saturday, he endorsed Clinton-Kaine.

“I am ready to vote for a true leader, I am ready to vote for the American Dream. I am ready to tell the world that I am here to endorse Hillary Clinton.”