USA! USA! USA! (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

Shipping a football team overseas to play a game is no small endeavor. You have passports to worry about, and the logistics once you arrive in a foreign land. NFL teams that play in London even make sure their players have plenty of American-made toilet paper, because the European stuff is reportedly a horror show.

As is, apparently, the bacon.

Georgia Tech is in the process of preparing for its season opener against Boston College in Dublin (that noted American football hotbed). Mike Huff, the team’s football operations director, has the unenviable task of planning the trip, which included a trip to Ireland last summer. While there, he made a shocking discovery, according to Ken Sugiura of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The team’s cultural excursions will be a tour of Dublin and a team dinner at a restaurant in a fishing village near Dublin. Players will be given converters to charge their electrical devices. Perhaps most important, [operations assistant Craig] Candeto did a taste test of the team meals and found the fried chicken and bacon to differ from the American versions.

“To them, bacon is ham,” Huff said.

To fix this unspeakable horror, Huff called the chef at the hotel where Georgia Tech stays for games at North Carolina “to help tweak the recipes of the team’s hotel in Ireland,” Sugiura writes.

And so Georgia Tech will have American bacon in Ireland, not that weird ham stuff.