A bad landing off the vault caused one of the worst leg injuries you can imagine to French gymnast Samir Ait Said on Saturday. Let’s just say legs aren’t supposed to bend at the shin. (If you want to look, here’s a link to the video, but be warned — it’s gross.)

The injury occurred during the second subdivision of the men’s qualifying events Saturday, and an audible snap could be heard, according to Washington Post reporter Liz Clarke, who was present when Said made the bad landing.

Said, who was attempting a tsuk double pike, remained on the ground, clutching his left leg, as medical staff worked for several minutes to stabilize the injury, USA Today reports. Said was then stretchered out of the arena.

“Said’s horrific injury reminds us of how dangerous gymnastics can be,” International Gymnastics magazine posted to its Facebook page Saturday afternoon. “Men’s vault has increased in difficulty more than any other event, and gymnasts are taking extreme risks for a few extra tenths [for their scores]. When you are landing after flipping 2 1/2 times through the air, that mat is still a hard landing.”