The head of Kenya’s track and field team has left the Rio Olympics amid allegations that he offered to tip off athletes with the timing of drug tests before they competed in events, according to a joint investigation by The Sunday Times and the German broadcaster ARD.

The Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya will investigate the claims into Major Michael Rotich, who was filmed last winter telling athletes that he could give them a 12-hour warning on anti-doping tests in exchange for thousands of dollars. In a bizarre twist, Rotich said he had gone along with the sting operation when he was presented with the allegations in order to “help protect” his athletes, according to The Sunday Times.

Rotich has returned to Kenya, per the report, after he was presented with the allegations before Friday’s Opening Ceremonies. He was supposed to be with the team during the Parade of Nations but apparently didn’t make it.

More than 40 Kenyan athletes have failed doping tests since 2011, according to the BBC, and the country was only removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of “non-compliant” countries on Friday before the beginning of the Games.