Officials in Rio closed the Olympic diving pool Friday morning, three days after the water at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Center turned green.

Here’s a shot from The Post’s Sally Jenkins.

It’s not just the color …

Olympic officials have maintained all week that the green water was safe in both the diving pool and the water polo pool, which also has turned green. They blamed the color change on “a sudden decrease in the alkalinity” of the water and pledged that they were treating the pools with chlorine, which caused another set of problems: Water polo players started to complain about burning eyes.

That problem has lingered into Friday and moved to the diving pool.

But the divers have seemingly not had any issues, at least publicly.

“We knew it was safe,” said Sam Dorman, part of the silver medal-winning U.S. synchronized diving team. “There were no issues, nothing to worry about. We really weren’t focused on that and just focused more on giving it one dive at a time, plain and simple.”

Only one diving event was scheduled for Friday: the women’s three-meter springboard preliminaries, which were scheduled to begin at 2:30 p.m. EDT. No word yet on whether that event will need to be postponed because of the water issues. Friday’s water polo matches have started as scheduled, and the water appears to be the appropriate shade of blue.