After winning the Olympic 200 meters Thursday, becoming the first man to do so three straight times, Usain Bolt broke out his signature celebration. You know, the “To Di World” move seen above.

But before that, the Jamaican superstar paid homage to an NBA player of equal wattage, LeBron James. Just after finishing the race, Bolt broke out the Cavalier’s “Silencer” move, lifting his knees high while pushing his hands down sharply, with the palms flat. Video can be seen here (due to NBC restrictions), with a screen grab below:

James, who has been following the Olympics — to the point of wistfully watching the U.S. men’s basketball team from afar — saw the gesture and tweeted out his approval. He had previously expressed his admiration for Bolt after the latter won the men’s 100 meters on Sunday (becoming the first man ever to win that event in three straight Olympics).

This isn’t the first time Bolt has performed the “Silencer” move. He also did so after helping Jamaica win the 4×100 relay at the 2015 world championships in Beijing. The question is whether we will ever see Bolt’s “To Di World” again, after he runs the 4×100 relay on Friday in what will likely be his final Olympic race.

Another LeBron fan with a pretty solid impression of the Cav’s signature move is his own son, Bryce, whose version James showed off in an Instagram post last year.