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American swimmer Ryan Lochte is scheduled to appear in an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, shortly after apologizing for “not being more careful and candid” about an incident in Rio de Janeiro.

A “preview” of the interview between Lauer and Lochte can be seen Saturday on “NBC Nightly News,” the network announced. The interview will air during prime-time Olympic coverage, NBC said, and will continue Monday on NBC’s “TODAY” show.

Lochte, a 12-time Olympic medalist, on Friday posted a statement to his social-media accounts in which he apologized for his “behavior” and said he “should have been much more responsible in how I handled myself.”

Brazilian authorities say Ryan Lochte and several other U.S. swimmers fabricated their story about being robbed at a gas station on Aug. 14. Here's why. (Monica Akhtar/The Washington Post)

Lochte had just days earlier claimed that he and three of his U.S. Olympic swimming teammates — Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen — had been robbed at gunpoint in Rio, an account that unraveled as authorities investigated the matter.

“No robbery was committed against these athletes,” Fernando Veloso, chief of the Rio de Janeiro police investigative division, said at a press conference Thursday. “They were not victims of the crimes they claimed.”

Lochte had claimed that he was robbed at gunpoint after he and his three American teammates left a party in the early morning hours on Aug. 14. He detailed the alleged encounter with NBC’s Billy Bush, saying that a man had pulled a gun and pressed it to his forehead.

Police, however, later accused Lochte of fabricating the story. Surveillance video that was released appeared to show at least one of the swimmers tear a door off a bathroom at a gas station. The group tried to leave, authorities said, and that’s when they were stopped by security guards, one of whom pulled a gun. The swimmers later left after handing over some money.

Lochte, whose attorney has previously said that his client stood by his characterization of what happened, was already back in the United States by the time of the police’s announcement.

His teammates remained stuck in Brazil, although Bentz and Conger have since returned to the United States. Feigen was allowed to depart as well, but only after paying thousands to a Brazilian nonprofit sporting institution, getting his passport in exchange.

Here’s a timeline of Lochte’s story, and here’s a look at the latest in the affair, and subsequent fallout, in Rio.

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In statement released through the University of Georgia, Bentz said, “Ryan pulled to the ground a framed metal advertisement that was loosely anchored to the brick wall.” A statement from Conger seemed to indicate a similar event, saying: “Ryan Lochte removed a poster from a nearby wall, which apparently alerted the gas station employees, leading to our being confronted by two armed security men.”

“This has been an unsettling, humbling and frightening experience,” Conger said in his statement. “It’s a reminder that all of us, when we travel and especially when we represent the US in the Olympics, are ambassadors for our country and should be on our best behavior.”

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