NBA Commissioner Adam Silver isn’t the only major sports figure who moved an event away from North Carolina in the wake of the state’s “bathroom bill.” It turns out that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and pop star Ciara changed the site of their July wedding for the same reason.

The news emerged from an interview with the couple’s wedding planner by nuptials-oriented website The Knot. In it, Mindy Weiss said, “They were first getting married in North Carolina, but they called it off due to the transgender bathroom laws.”

That state’s Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, or HB2, was passed earlier this year and contains restrictions on the ability of transgender individuals to choose which bathrooms in government buildings to use. It also rolls back protections for the LGBT community that had been enacted in the municipality of Charlotte.

Earlier this month, Silver declared that his league’s 2017 All-Star Game would be moved from Charlotte to New Orleans. “While we recognize that the NBA cannot choose the law in every city, state, and country in which we do business, we do not believe we can successfully host our All-Star festivities in Charlotte in the climate created by HB2,” the commissioner said at the time.

Wilson and Ciara had already staged their own protest, albeit a quieter one, by that point. A native of Richmond, Wilson spent four years at North Carolina State, including a redshirt season, before transferring to Wisconsin.

Apparently, it was North Carolina or bust, at least in terms of holding the wedding in the U.S. Wilson and Ciara wound up getting married in England, this after initially leaning toward Paris.

“They were gonna go to Paris and it ended up being [Couture] Fashion Week,” Weiss said. “And it was really difficult.” She added, “I did the whole thing — three times.”

Weiss noted that she became acquainted with Ciara after working with LaLa Vazquez, who married Knicks star Carmelo Anthony in 2010. Of Wilson and Ciara, the wedding planner said, “They wanted to be away. And we found a castle that was an hour out of Liverpool and they had about 110 guests.”

Wilson, a devout Christian, had previously expressed support for Michael Sam, the first openly gay player signed to an NFL team. “He’s very courageous to come out and talk about it. You have a lot of respect for somebody that can do that,” Wilson said in 2014, adding, “If he’s on our team, I know that we’ll treat him with utmost respect just like everybody else.”