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Remember when Rob Lowe tweeted about Peyton Manning? It’s Peyback time.

Who’s ready for some yuks? (Michael Conroy/AP)

Peyton Manning is set to get his revenge against notorious Twitter user and breaker of erroneous news Rob Lowe in a Comedy Central roast of the star, who also happens to act.

You will recall that Lowe, a big Indianapolis Colts fan and friend of owner Jim Irsay, set the Internet aflame in January 2012 when he tweeted that Manning — who had missed all of the 2011 after undergoing multiple neck procedures — would retire.

In fact, in a tweet since deleted, he reported, “Hearing my fave, #18 Peyton Manning will not return to #NFL. Wow.#Colts”

It took Peyton’s pop, Archie, to shoot down the rumor and, you may recall, Peyton went on to play elsewhere and win another Super Bowl before truly retiring in March. Lowe followed Manning to Denver and now he’ll get grilled in the roast, which will take place Saturday for a Labor Day telecast.

Just what has Peyton been doing, other than writing jokes? Well, if you haven’t turned on a TV or electronic device, he has been mining his retirement for all its worth, joke-wise. There’s the DirecTV ad:

And of course he’s still pushing Papa John’s:

Still, it’s probable that he’ll never top that “Saturday Night Live” United Way sketch, but you can’t blame him for trying — especially with Lowe sitting right there.

And remember, he’ll kill a snitch.