Luckily, Tom Brady has people to count his money because it’s rolling in. (Steven Senne/AP)

So you’ve taken a look at Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen and think that, if you just ate what they eat, you, too, could be a pretty fine specimen of the human race.

Well, you can. Get ready to think vegan. Think organic. Think raw. Think expensive.

Brady has been hawking some of his nutritional products for a while now on and they’re going like hotcakes…which you will never be able to eat ever again if you want to look anything like Brady or Bundchen. Brady’s vegan snacks (yes, they’re heavy on nuts, nyuk, nyuk) have, just like his $200 cookbook Nutrition Manual, sold out.

Given that these are Brady products, the snacks carry a hefty price tag. You’re going to have to pretend you’re President Obama and limit yourself to, like, seven almonds at a sitting. The snacks come in 1.4-1.75-ounce bags made of biodegradable rice paper and in 12-count variety boxes that go for $50 a pop. The contents are raw, vegan and organic, as well as gluten- and dairy-free. Whee!

Among the options are Cacao Goji Energy Squares, Amazon Crunch — “the best the rainforest has to offer” — in a nod to wife Bundchen’s homeland, Buffalo almonds and ranch cashews. (Admittedly, all of that sounds kind of good.)

It’s all a part of Brady’s crusade to clean up the American diet, although at these prices, he isn’t going to have much success. However, you can take a baby step by, like Brady, pooh-poohing the food pyramid.

“I disagree with that. I disagree with a lot of things that people tell you to do,” he explained last fall in a WEEI Radio interview. “You’ll probably go out and drink Coca-Cola and think, ‘€˜Oh yeah, that’s no problem.’ Why? Because they pay lots of money for advertisements to think that you should drink Coca-Cola for a living? No, I totally disagree with that. And when people do that, I think that’s quackery. And the fact that they can sell that to kids? I mean, that’s poison for kids. But they keep doing it. And obviously you guys may not have a comment on that because maybe that’s what your belief system is. So you do whatever you want. You live the life you want.

“Like I said, what I’m trying to provide for athletes and for people and all the clients that we have that come in, is a different way of thinking, a different way of methods. You need to be outside the box, you need to think differently if you want to sustain what for me is my peak performance, the very best that I can achieve as an athlete every day. And I learned that a long time ago.”

This involves eating an 80-percent vegetable-based died and refusing to eat inflammatory nightshades like tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. The good news is that you can have ice cream — delicious avocado ice cream. Yum.

“Well, there’s just a lot of substitutes for maybe some traditional foods,” Brady explained to GQ. “So there’s some pastas. A lot of desserts that, when you look in there you think, ‘Well, it’s not a chocolate sundae.’ And nothing is going to be like a chocolate sundae at the end of the day, because chocolate sundaes are chocolate sundaes. But are there things that you can eat that you can enjoy that can curb what you’re looking for, that can be a lot healthier for you, that can bring down the inflammation in your body so that you’re not hurting and you’re going out there and doing the things that you wanted to do?”

So, while you wait for TB12 to restock, content yourself with the knowledge that you can pre-order his cookbook “living document.” It, too, sold out in record time and second editions are set to be released in late September or early October.