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Rangers reliever Jeremy Jeffress enters rehab after DWI arrest

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Texas Rangers reliever Jeremy Jeffress checked into an inpatient rehabilitation facility less than a week after he was arrested for driving while intoxicated, Yahoo Sports reported Wednesday.

Rangers reliever Jeremy Jeffress arrested on DWI charge

Jeffress, 28, was charged with a DWI early Friday morning after Dallas police reportedly pulled him over for changing lanes without a signal. What began as a ticket, however, ended in an arrest when the officer noticed Jeffress’s eyes were “bloodshot, watery and glassy,” according to the arrest warrant obtained by the Dallas Morning News.

Jeffress is expected to spend about a month in the unnamed Houston-area facility, according to Yahoo’s sources, who also said, the player could rejoin the team after his release.

On Wednesday, Jeffress released a statement through the MLB Players Association in which he apologized to the Rangers, his teammates, family and fans for “the incident that took place last Friday morning.”

“Make no mistake, drinking and driving is wrong,” Jeffress said in his statement. “I made a mistake that not only jeopardized my well-being, but the well-being of others, and I thank God that nobody was hurt because of my mistake.”

Jeffress, who said he hopes others “will learn from” his mistake, promised  “to speak out against impaired driving for the rest of (his) life.”

He also vowed “to do whatever it takes to get back on the field.”

Jeffress only recently came to the Rangers, where he’s pitched a total of nine innings of middle-relief work. His record is not great. In his last appearance with the team on Aug. 23, he gave up a walk, a hit and run, pushing his hit tally to seven and earned run total to four.

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Jeffress’s history has long been troubled, but alcohol abuse never appeared to be the main issue. Jeffress has had several problems with marijuana. He’s tested positive for the substance three times in his career, but never as a major leaguer. The last time Jeffress tested positive for marijuana was in 2009, while still a Brewers prospect. He served a 100-game suspension and could face a lifetime ban from baseball should he test positive for marijuana again.

On Friday, police found marijuana in Jeffress’s car, according to Yahoo, but the player avoided being charged with possession after denying the drugs were his.