With Sam Bradford’s trade to the Vikings, the Eagles named rookie Carson Wentz as the team’s official Week 1 starter Monday. And while, sure, it’s an interesting story that this is the first time a rookie will start Week 1 for Philadelphia, much more intriguing is the story of how Wentz found out he’d start.

“I was actually laying in the middle of a cornfield hunting,” Wentz told the media about the call he received Saturday from Coach Doug Pederson. “I was obviously very surprised, but instantly I was really excited. … We quickly cleaned up and got out of there.”

This obviously raised more questions among reporters who took time out on Labor Day to attend the press conference.

“Hunting what?”



New Jersey.

Unfortunately, no one bothered to ask Wentz if the hunt was successful. But maybe that doesn’t matter. The Internet had enough fodder for its memes.

The Eagles will open their season against the Browns on Sunday.