I’m a man, I’m 40, and if I ever used the word “basic” when talking about someone else’s appearance or behavior I would probably come off as about 25 years older. But I do understand this: If you call someone or something “basic,” you do not have a high opinion of that someone or something.

Oklahoma backup quarterback Austin Kendall clearly does not have a high opinion of Ohio State’s defense and says Baker Mayfield, the Sooners’ starting quarterback, will have few problems Saturday night when No. 14 Oklahoma hosts fourth-ranked Ohio State.

“I think they have a really basic defense,” he said this week on “Sooner Sports.” “I think we can go out there and, I mean, Baker, he’ll light them up. I’m really looking forward to it. If my number’s called, I think I can do the same.”

There are a few things to unpack here.

1.) Why is Oklahoma’s backup quarterback getting interviewed?

2.) What possible good can come from giving the Buckeyes bulletin-board material?

And 3.) Does he realize that Ohio State’s defense has given up all of two field goals in its two games this season?

The Buckeyes reacted in kind.

Former Buckeyes did as well:

And to think Kendall once regarded Ohio State fairly well: