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Jerry Jones entertains Beyonce and 50 Cent, diagnoses Dez Bryant injury

Jerry Jones visits with rapper 50 Cent. (Ron Jenkins/AP)

Jerry Jones was a busy man Sunday night.

The Dallas Cowboys owner was playing genial host as well as diagnostician for his team’s game at JerryWorld.

He entertained rapper 50 Cent on the field before the game and then welcomed Beyonce and her hubbo, Jay-Z, to his suite for the game. The alignment of the stars wasn’t terribly surprising, given Jerruh has offered props to Jay-Z and his Roc Nation for helping with Dez Bryant’s contract.

It was just Jerry taking care of business. He let his ‘Boys do that on the field and, afterward, he offered his diagnosis of Bryant.

Bryant hurt his knee on the second play of the game but was able to continue.

“We feel okay,” Jones said (via ESPN). “We’re going to do some other things, too. But right here, yes. Right now, we’re fine. We’ll give it another look-see with the MRI. …

“I saw how the knee took it. That was a little concerning. I did see him moving around, but I saw Michael Irvin — I’ll never forget that — go back out and play [after an ACL injury]. Let’s just see how the MRI goes. We’ve got what we’ve seen in here, and that’s not something I would be alarmed about.”