Jim Harbaugh is having fun with this college football thing. (Tony Ding/Associated Press)

Football fans have seen many versions of the I-formation before, but none as crazy as this. In the first quarter of a game Saturday against Wisconsin, Michigan lined up 10 players in a row, nine directly behind the center, perpendicular to the line of scrimmage.

The Wolverines quickly broke out of the highly unusual — and illegal — formation, lining up in a more conventional set before snapping the ball. It is unclear why the team did that, but it was entertaining and arguably effective, given that the play Michigan eventually ran resulted in a first down. A touchdown and a lead arrived one play later.

The formation may have served no purpose other than simply to amuse Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh, and it certainly did nothing to endear him any less to the school’s fans. Folks on the Internet enjoyed it, as well.

Perhaps the Michigan football program’s own official Twitter account summed it up best:

In any case, the fourth-ranked Wolverines went on to defeat the No. 8 Badgers, 14-7. So there were all sorts of moments for fans of Michigan, or just of Harbaugh’s coaching moves, to enjoy, including a one-handed interception to seal the win. That was pretty memorable, too, and only slightly more conventional.