Ruby Brown, a cafeteria worker at Cobeen dining hall on the Marquette University campus, recently needed to move into her new condo and was telling her co-workers about it one day at work. John Wagner and Zack Melillo, two members of the Golden Eagles men’s lacrosse team, overheard her saying this and told her that they would help her, and they did, spending a recent Saturday helping her get settled.

Naturally, Brown wanted to thank the two good-guy lacrosse players in some way. She offered them money. They refused to take it. So instead, she wanted to buy their meals at the cafeteria’s recent Steak Night event, leaving her credit card with Sodexo Campus Services General Manager Kevin Gilligan and telling him why she was doing so. In the end, however, Gilligan ended up buying them the dinners, as he explains in this letter to Marquette Coach Joe Amplo:

Now, one would think such a gesture would seemingly violate NCAA rules on impermissible gifts, and considering the NCAA’s sometimes tone-deaf track record on such matters, one would be right to think it would take an interest in this. But according to Danielle Josetti, Marquette’s associate athletic director for compliance, everything here is on the level.

“We are comfortable that there were no infractions in this situation,” Josetti said in an email to The Post. “This would fit within the parameters of NCAA Bylaw, Occasional Meal legislation.”

Here’s the bylaw in question:

“This is just one example of what great guys Zach and John are,” Josetti added.


Here’s a report from WISN-TV in Milwaukee: