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Bill Murray knows how to celebrate the Cubs. Eddie Vedder? Well…

Bill Murray was dialed in for Game 1 of the NLCS. (Maury Tannen/European Pressphoto Agency)

The Cubs are in the NLCS, just three more wins from the World Series, and their celebrity fans are not about to miss out. But it seems some celebrity fans are a little better at celebrating the team’s success than others.

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Take Bill Murray, who found a camera pointed at him, as cameras are wont to do, during Saturday’s Game 1 against the Dodgers. The Chicago icon took the opportunity to pound the rest of his beer, to the roar of the Wrigley Field crowd.

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Later in the game, Cubs reliever Mike Montgomery struck out the Dodgers’ Joc Pederson with a man on to end the top of the seventh inning. As Montgomery walked off the mound and the crowd cheered, the telecast zeroed in on the seats right behind home plate, where Eddie Vedder was high-fiving Chris Chelios and John Cusack.

Well, sort of. Chelios and Cusack offered their palms up, in the well-known-but-maybe-not-among-’90s-rock-gods high-five position, to which Vedder responded with a fist-bump. Awk. Ward.

But wait! It turns out that Vedder may have had an excuse. Some sharp-eyed Internet observers noted that it appeared he was clutching a pen, all the better to keep score as the game progressed.

Yes, Eddie Vedder charts games. So, in a way, his dorky attempt at a high-five is explained by him being an even bigger dork than any of us realized. On the other hand, let no one doubt his love for the Cubs — Vedder announced last year that Pearl Jam would no longer tour in October, such was his excitement, not to mention optimism, about the team’s postseason chances.

Of course, no one is a bigger Cubs fan than Murray, and leave it to him to find a much cooler way of celebrating his squad Saturday.