Oh, man. These in-game proposals get me every time. (Al Bello/Getty Images)

Odell Beckham Jr. intensified the most meaningful relationship he has with a member of the New York Giants on Sunday, pulling the kicking net over onto himself after scoring on a 75-yard touchdown run.

Then, it got really serious. And possibly a little weird.


He also celebrated with a modified triple jump, so maybe he’s having fun again.

This all began, as many relationships do, in a fit of pique. Beckham punched the net Sept. 25, and it promptly punched back. Last week, he and the net made up with a PDA. Which was nice.

It seemed like a nice little story until, a bit later Sunday, he scored on a 66-yard reception that gave him 222 yards for the day — the second-most receiving yards in Giants history. It was the kind of performance that makes a man think, so … he proposed to the net.

“She said yes!” he reported. “I hope to make it serious soon.”


We’ll let you know when their registry is posted.