Hmmm. (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)

The Dallas Cowboys seemingly have been fine without wide receiver Dez Bryant, going 3-0 in the games he’s missed after suffering a knee injury against the Bears in Week 3. He reportedly felt well enough to play Sunday against the Packers but didn’t, and it didn’t really matter because Dallas won with relative ease.

But just try to keep Bryant out for the Cowboys’ next game, Nov. 6 against the Eagles in prime time (Dallas has a bye between now and then):

As for the quarterback who will throw Bryant the ball, it looks as if rookie sensation Dak Prescott will be getting at least one more start before Tony Romo is ready to return. Dallas sports journalist Mike Fisher said Monday that the team expects Romo to be fully recovered from the broken bone in his back by Week 9, when the Cowboys take on the Browns.

But it’s Jerry Jones’s team and Jerry Jones’s decision, and Sunday after the game he still sounded like Romo would be back in there when he’s ready.

“I think we’ll look and see how we do,” Jones told reporters after Sunday’s game. “It is two weeks away, and Tony is getting better. I was talking to a guy that was catching his balls and he pulled his shirt up and showed me his bruises on his ribs. [Romo’s] throwing with some velocity out here. I’d hate to end up here with two winning quarterbacks and a tough decision as to who’s going to win the game.”

His hedging continued.

“I think what we do is enjoy how we’re seeing Dak progress, and have comfort in the fact that every time Romo throws a football, it’s got more velocity on it,” Jones said.

Maybe they’ll both play?

“There’s nothing I’d rather do than go into the last half of the season with a ready-to-go Tony Romo and a winning Dak Prescott. I dream of being able to make that decision.”

It’s going to be a long two weeks.