The shoes Cam Newton wore for his postgame news conference Sunday were truly remarkable. How remarkable? Well, they somehow managed to steal the show from the rest of his outfit.

That took some doing, because here is that outfit:

I mean, that is really something. But Newton’s postgame fashion choices, his hats in particular, have been well-chronicled. Sunday was all about the shoes, and if there was ever a time to yell, “What are those?!” — this was it.

Ah, thank you, Darren Rovell. But, um, seriously, what was with those shoes? True to form, the Internet had plenty of ideas.

One enterprising sports writer even saw a chance for a particularly profound think-piece in the reactions to Newton’s kicks.

However, it appeared that many reactions were a bit off-target, based on a murky photo of the shoes. Another shot revealed a delightfully multicolored pattern, reminiscent of the Easter-themed sneakers some NBA players wore last spring.

Of course, it wouldn’t do to give short shrift to the rest of Newton’s ensemble. Folks had a field day with that, as well.