It’s no secret that golf’s most colorful character, John Daly, likes to gamble. He’s talked about his vice repeatedly and, in 2006, he revealed in his autobiography, “If I don’t get control of my gambling, it’s going to flat-out ruin me.”

Well, we’re not exactly sure what Daly meant by “get control,” because he’s still kickin’ despite having lost “around $50 million” gambling. That’s the figure Daly casually dropped in his “30 for 30” ESPN documentary “Hit It Hard,” which aired on Tuesday night.

Daly arrived at that figure by doing the math.

“We figured I lost about $98 million and won about $45 million gambling,” the 50-year-old revealed. “So, yeah, I lost around $50 million.”

Actually, that’s $53 million, but who’s counting? (Just for comparison’s sake, that’s more money that Daly coughed up than star NFL quarterback Tom Brady earned this year — about $44 million between salary and endorsements, according to Forbes — and about the same amount brought in over 2016 by fellow golfer Jordan Spieth — $52.8 million.)

Daly, in fact, may have saved himself from ruin by wisely itemizing his gambling losses on his tax returns because, Forbes wrote in 2014 because, “while gambling winnings are fully taxable, you can also claim your losses.”

He also likely saved himself from demise by cutting back on his risky ways. Well, kind of.

After Daly first revealed in 2014 that he had lost an estimated $55 million between the years of 1991 and 2007, he told Golf Channel he’s no longer playing for such high stakes.

Pineapples and martinis: The week in John Daly fashion

Daly said he used to regularly take up entire blackjack tables, where he’d play seven hands at a time for up to $15,000 each. Daly also said one of his biggest temptations were the high-stake slots, some of which used to cost him $5,000 per pull.

“I love the action. I love the adrenaline, going in there,” Daly said. “Now if I gamble, I play the $25 slots. If I hit something, I might move up to $100. But I don’t do what I used to do anymore.”

The golfer added: “People are going to say that I should regret it, but I did it,” he said. “You know, I move on from it. I had a lot of fun doing it.”

Daly also had a lot of fun drinking, but not on the golf course. Well, except for this one time.

“I’ve been hung over. I might’ve been still drunk and played from the night before . . . I do admit that, but I never had any alcohol on the golf course — that I remember — except one time,” Daly said during Tuesday night’s program. “That was the L.A. Open.”

He continues: “It was so slow, and I played the back nine first and I think I’m two or three over. I went in the locker room and downed, like, five beers. I think I shot four under on the front nine. That is the only time I know I drank during a round and I played great that week.”