Maybe Cleveland is irked that Charlie Sheen attended the National League Championship Series last month. (David J. Phillip/AP)

The Cleveland Indians may not be out of luck, with one last chance to win the World Series looming Wednesday night, and now Charlie Sheen may not be, either.

It looked as if the actor who famously portrayed Indians pitcher Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn in the 1989 movie “Major League,” wouldn’t be getting near Progressive Field for Game 7 despite campaigning vigorously for it Tuesday night as the Chicago Cubs were hammering the Indians and extending the series.

On Wednesday morning, Sheen tweeted an important update to Believeland that, “My bag is packed and help is on the way!”

TMZ reports that two local business owners had supplied tickets to the game and were hoping to get him near the Indians dugout.

As for “idiotically guilty” person whom Sheen/Vaughn believed was keeping him off the hill for a first pitch? Um, er, gorp . . . that would be some sort of high-ranking baseball official. Last week, an unnamed Indians official said “bluntly,” as put it, that Charlie/Ricky would not be throwing out the first pitch, but did allow that Major League Baseball might think differently, since it lines up ceremonial first pitches for the Series.

Most likely, Sheen’s alleged domestic violence and substance abuse incidents had something to do with the decision to keep him out of the games in Cleveland. Or maybe the Indians were too nice to point out that Sheen had been rooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers earlier in the postseason.

So, yes, Sheen appears to be winning.