Chicago Cubs fans cheer on their team during Game 7 of the World Series. (Andrew Kelly/Reuters)

With the Chicago Cubs winning their first World Series in 108 years at 11:47 p.m. Central time on Wednesday, Chicago-area businesses and schools had to know there would be a certain level of tardiness come Thursday morning.

Now we have visual proof as to what that looks like.

Gwen Ihnat, an assistant editor at the A.V. Club,  tweeted an image of what the “reason we’re tardy” list at a local school looked like.

The first entry for Thursday, logged at 8:45 a.m. cited “Cubs.” After two blank entries, the fourth consisted of “not feeling well” (must be an Indians fan). The remaining eight entries, which last until 9:20 a.m., consisted of two more blank entries and six citing the Cubs as the reason for any late arrivals.

Sometimes honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to the World Series. That approach worked out for Ohio University student and Indians fan Charlie Turner when he skipped class to attend Game 1 at Progressive Field.

When R. Damian Nance, Turner’s geological sciences professor, noticed Turner wasn’t actually present for class, he emailed him demanding an explanation.

“You are receiving this e-mail because, according to the attendance tracker, you were in class yesterday [Oct. 25], but when I took attendance towards the end of class, your name was not among those present. Can you explain this or should I take it as deceit, which I have zero tolerance?”

“I came and swiped and gave a kid next to me my homework because my dad got us tickets for the World Series in Cleveland,” Turner replied. “I’m sorry I didn’t want to miss the attendance and I did the homework. I understand if you have repercussions.” Turner attached a picture of he and his brother at the game as proof.

Nance did an about-face, replying “Charlie. That looks like an impeccable excuse. No repercussions. Go Tribe!”